German courses with accommodation in Hamburg – shared accommodation and host families

German is best learned locally. One of the most beautiful German cities is Hamburg. There you can book an intensive course in the language school Sprachschule Aktiv and enjoy the benefits of the city. Stroll along the Alster river after class or shop in the beautiful shopping arcades. For a successful German course, you need the right apartment. A hotel or a bed-and-breakfast is less suitable. You need to get together with Germans so that you can practice the language outside the classroom. We are happy to assist you in finding a suitable accommodation.

Learn German in Hamburg with the support of a host family

Accommodation in a host family is ideal for a German course in Hamburg. You have family access during your course. You eat with the family and can thus sometimes improve their German language skills. Thus, you not only learn German in the few hours of class, but also practice the language throughout the day. Of course, you have your own room. There you can retire and prepare the lessons for the next day.

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Learn German in Hamburg in a shared flat

In a shared apartment, the relationship of the residents is not quite as close as in a host family. There too you will have a private room. You usually use toilets and kitchen together. Often the residents can get together, which offers you many opportunities to speak German. Although joint excursions are also possible here, but since each resident pursues a different profession, the possibilities are limited.

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Learn German in Hamburg and live in a hotel, hostel or student residence

A hotel is the most expensive accommodation and not well suited for your purposes. You have little opportunity to speak German. The advantage is the greater comfort. You start the day with a delicious breakfast, in the evening, your bed is made and if you wish, you can end the day at the bar. Of course, we can also arrange a hotel for you, but point out that you hardly improve your German language skills during your free time.

Here are some student residences, hostels and hotels:

Important: Insurance for student tenants

If you accept the offer with an accommodation in Hamburg, you should definitely have a health insurance from our recommended partner Care Concept AG from Germany and a liability insurance. Health insurance is compulsory for all non-EU students of our German courses and if you come from the EU, you should ensure that you are insured for long-term stays in other EU countries. Liability insurance can be used for all cases of damage to third parties, typically our landlords or host families require that one is insured against possible damage to apartments. We therefore advise you to take out this insurance.

The cost of a German course in Hamburg

The cost of a German course in Hamburg including accommodation cannot be specified exactly. In Hamburg, rents are generally more expensive than in many other countries. However, we will try to give you an apartment with a good value for money. Depending on the location, the costs for accommodation in a host family are between 400 and 600 euros. If you choose a hotel, the costs are of course higher.

The costs for the German course in Hamburg are very easy to plan, an overview of all our German  courses in English can be found in our German courses section.

Let us advise you

A German course requires a lot of preparation. If you live outside the Schengen area, you often need a visa to stay. Our staff will assist you. You will also learn which course options are available to you in Sprachschule Aktiv in Hamburg. If you are unable to assess your current language level, it makes sense to take our online placement test. Our staff will support you even after the course has started.