Our German courses in Hamburg: intensive courses, private lessons or evening classes

Learning German in Hamburg is easy. The language school Sprachschule Aktiv in Hamburg offers you German courses that are exactly tailored to your needs. Our language teachers not only teach you the language, but also the culture of the country. Very often, the teachers take trips and excursions with their classes, so you get together with people and have the opportunity to speak German.

German courses in Hamburg – beginners and advanced A1 to C2

A German course in Hamburg is suitable for beginners and advanced. No matter what level you have reached, you are welcome. The European Reference Framework for Languages divides the levels into A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Beginners without basic knowledge choose A1. The B courses are for advanced learners. Anyone who already masters the German language almost perfectly will also find a suitable course. The placement to the appropriate course is very important, but not always easy. We use a placement test developed by us. You can easily do this online. If you are in Hamburg, visit us in our classrooms. Of course, you can also do the test there.

We offer different course models in Hamburg

The classic way to learn a language is evening classes. This is optimal for many of our participants. However, you are making only slow progress. If you want to learn German as quickly as possible, then an intensive course or a “light” intensive course is the better choice. You meet with the class group every day or every day exept Friday. Soon you can have a perfect conversation.

Of course, we also arrange good private teachers in Hamburg. Especially if you live outside of Hamburg, that is optimal. The teacher teaches exactly the content you need. You determine the time and the pace.

German classes take place in small groups

The group size is important for the success of a language course. We consciously divide the students into small groups. So, you have no chance to sink in the crowd. Each lesson gives you the opportunity to speak German. This is the only way to learn the language quickly. In addition, there is little danger that you choose another student as the wrong language model.

Our teachers offer you language lessons and more

Our German teachers are native speakers. That does not really have to be mentioned, because that’s standard. In addition, if possible, we are looking for educators so that lessons are structured and based on pedagogical findings. But we are not just talking about perfect language education. You should also have fun while being taught. For this reason, we make sure that your language teacher in Hamburg is sympathetic and friendly. Most are not content with teaching language skills. They also stay with the group after class, visit a café or go on a trip together.

Visit a German course in Hamburg without risk

If you are not completely satisfied with the teacher’s performance, just step back from the course within 14 days from booking the course.

telc exams now part of Sprachschule Aktiv

Telc Prüfungen in HamburgYou need to officially prove your knowledge of the German language? You can now also take official telc German language exams in our language school. Here you will find information about the telc exam options, test dates and exam prices for our students as well as for external candidates.