German evening course in Hamburg – evening school

With profound knowledge of German, you have much greater chances in the labor market in Hamburg. You can talk better with German colleagues, understand the work instructions and have no problems when dealing with authorities. A German evening course in Hamburg is a simple and practicable solution to learn German or to improve existing German language skills. Depending on how fast you want to progress, we offer you various options. If you are not in a hurry, choose a course that takes place only once a week. For faster progress, the course is recommended two or three times a week.

You can book evening courses for beginners and advanced with us

No matter how well you already speak German, the language school Sprachschule Aktiv in Hamburg has the optimal course for you. In building our courses, we are guided by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. As a beginner, depending on previous knowledge, you can join the course A1 or A2. For advanced students we offer courses B1 and B2. Even if you already have good language skills, you are welcome. In this case the courses C1 or C2 are optimal. Of course, after the course you will receive a certificate from us. If you’re not sure which course to attend, just take a free placement test. This is available online. Of course, you are also welcome in our language school in Hamburg.

The German lessons take place in our rooms in Hamburg in small groups

For optimal teaching, small groups with a maximum of twelve participants are optimal. This often gives them the opportunity to speak German. Teachers can try out advanced forms of teaching. For example, certain scenes with video record so that they can be viewed several times. The use of digital media and digital projectors is also possible for our teachers. The classroom atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed, so you can progress quickly.

Our teachers in Hamburg are motivated and qualified

Of course, our teachers are qualified German native speakers or academics with a long-term study of the German language. They speak German perfectly and for the most part virtually accent-free. That’s what other language schools offer. The language school Sprachschule Aktiv in Hamburg goes one step further. Our teachers are especially motivated, friendly and personable. This is how learning German in Hamburg is fun.

Begin your German course without risk

You are not sure yet whether a German course is optimal for you. No problem. Specifically, this means that you can withdraw from the contract within 24 hours after the first lesson or the first day of the course. If you discover that our offer does not suit you, the matter is settled for you. So, you have up to 135 minutes to test the teacher. This time is enough to get an accurate picture of our offer.
Our courses are cheaper than you think – our prices for the evening course

Our courses are well organized so you can progress quickly

Our courses are well organized so that you make fast progress. Each course costs 259 euros and includes 8×135 minutes of course duration. Duration is four weeks.

*For A1-B1 level you will need 6 months (total 144 units) to complete and for B2-C1 you will need 9 months (total 216 units).

NEW: Three months Flatrate German Evening Course for only € 549,-!

You book three months and the last month is free!

Evening German Course in Hamburg – 2×135 min. per week

To finance the course you can also use the Hamburg continuing education bonus!

The course dates this year:

Abendkurs (2 x pro Woche) A1 + A2 NiveauKursbeginnTermineUhrzeiten
Kalendejahr 2024
August05.08.2024Montag und Mittwoch18:30 bis 20:45 Uhr
September02.09.2024Montag und Mittwoch18:30 bis 20:45 Uhr
Oktober30.09.2024Montag und Mittwoch18:30 bis 20:45 Uhr
November28.10.2024Montag und Mittwoch18:30 bis 20:45 Uhr
Dezember25.11.2024Montag und Mittwoch18:30 bis 20:45 Uhr
Kalendejahr 2025
Januar06.01.2025Montag und Mittwoch18:30 bis 20:45 Uhr
Februar03.02.2025Montag und Mittwoch18:30 bis 20:45 Uhr
März03.03.2025Montag und Mittwoch18:30 bis 20:45 Uhr
April07.04.2025Montag und Mittwoch18:30 bis 20:45 Uhr
Mai05.05.2025Montag und Mittwoch18:30 bis 20:45 Uhr
Juni02.06.2025Montag und Mittwoch18:30 bis 20:45 Uhr
Juli07.07.2025Montag und Mittwoch18:30 bis 20:45 Uhr

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